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How it works

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Sign up to our Affiliate program and get started in minutes.

Drive traffic

Utilize our pre-made creatives to promote EazeGames and drive new players to the platform.

Get paid

Earn a lifetime revenue share (40%) for all players you send to the platform, in addition to a €5 commission per new paying player. Paid out every month.

Benefit from our platform

We’ve spent 5+ years building the most innovative gaming platform out there. Now it’s your opportunity to benefit from our efforts.

Skill-based gaming

EazeGames is a 100% skill-based gaming platform for anyone to enjoy. The Real Money Skill Gaming market is rapidly growing and estimated to be a €20Bln+ opportunity.


10+ popular games

Offering more than 10 popular games, including hit games such as Solitaire, Bubble Shooter, Sudoku and Bingo, EazeGames offers a game for every type of player.

Exceptional revenue

With every cash game played, EazeGames charges a 16.6% service fee, resulting in a 3-digit average net revenue amount per paying player.

New target audience

A brand new target audience. With an 80:20 player ratio for woman:men, EazeGames is happy to share that woman are dominating among its playerbase.

Fully compliant

EazeGames is fully compliant with all rules and regulations in the jurisdictions it operates in, focussing on Europe (AT, BE, CY, CZ, DK, DE, LU, MC, NL, RO, ES, GB, SE).

Localized experience

A tailored experience for all players. With a localized platform and local payment methods EazeGames ensures an optimal user experience.

Become an EazeGames affiliate

Your commissions

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Lifetime revenue share

Earn 40% Lifetime revenue share for every cash game played by the players you send to EazeGames. Passive income and monthly payouts.


Commission per new paying player

Receive a €5 commission for every new paying player that you send to EazeGames. Monthly payouts.

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Sub affiliate commission

Recruit other affiliates for EazeGames and receive a 10% lifetime commision, based on the revenue they generate. Monthly payouts.

Trusted by our players

1.3 million players

With more than 1.3 million players, EazeGames is at the forefront of the the competitive gaming industry and is well on it’s way to becoming Europe’s leading Real Money Skill Gaming platform for anyone to enjoy.

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